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  • 45,000 ₮

Charming 16, 24, 36 or 54 piece puzzle presented in pretty shaped box which takes pride of place on children’s bedroom shelve:

Ice Cream Truck 16pcs

The 3 Little Pigs 24pcs

The Pirate and his Treasure 36pcs

The Fairy and the Unicorn 36pcs

The Ballerina with the Flower 36pcs

Little Red Riding Hood 36pcs

Cinderella 36pcs

Barbarossa's Boat 54pcs

The Fairy Castle 36pcs

Elise's Carriage 54pcs

The Knight at the Dragon 36pcs

The Cows on The Farm 24pcs

Pachat and his Friends 24pcs

The Princess and her Frog 36pcs

The Aquarium 16pcs

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