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Mini Doll Pram

  • 95,000 ₮

Moover Toys’ Mini Doll's Pram is both classic and modern in its design with focus on what children like to see, touch, and play with. The high quality gives the child optimum playing conditions.

The doll's pram is made of high-quality birch veneer and supplied with massive wooden wheels with rubber tires. The back is made of one piece of moulded thin veneer. It is delivered assembled, ready for use.

Play & Learning: Through playing, the child learns to look after the dolls, make them feel safe and make them go to sleep. This is an imitation of the grown-ups' behaviour, which is so essential for a child's upbringing.

Safety: The doll's pram is not intended for learning how to walk. We recommend the use of our Moover Baby Walker, which is specially developed to help the child with this particular learning process.

Age: 12m+

21 x 20 x13cm (8 1/4 x 8 1/2 x 5 1/4") 0.5 Kg (1 1/8 lbs)

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