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Cartum - In the magical land, the magician handles the cards in an incredible way. Will he succeed in finding the card chosen at random by the public? Age: 8y+

Sacra Scarab - Disappearance - appearance. The sacred scarab is a precious insect that magicians like to disappear. But it will actually locked in this mysterious chest? Age: 6y+

Symbolo - In fantasy land, magicians handle power with their rings. Can you understand what's going on? Age: 10y+ 

Aranea - A big scary spider is frightening everyone, but the magician has trapped it in his magic box. Can he turn it into cute little ladybirds? Age: 8y+

Oculus - Age: 8y+

Cogitum - Beware when you enter the magical kingdom, the clairvoyants have the ability to read your mind… Age: 8y+

Fakir - The fakir is blessed with amazing powers of clairvoyance. He knows what sign you will choose even before you do… Age: 8y+

Horlogium - The inhabitants of the magical kingdom have a strange way of telling the time! Will the magician be able to guess what time you have chosen?

Animalium - 

Dragonis - The princess enjoyed a life of happiness in the magical kingdom, until one day a dragon came and took her away. Who will save her?

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